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Orkney Islands Council

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

… a strategic direction to its energy ambitions. These three aims sought to: Ensure Orkney uses energy as efficiently as possible and has a secure and affordable energy supply to meet its future needs. Add value to Orkney’s renewable energy resources, for the benefit of the local economy and local communities, whilst minimising damage to the environment To reduce Orkney’s carbon footprint. In 2017…

… (domestic to industrial). This figure rises to nearly 50% when looking at domestic electricity use alone (BEIS, 2016). Figure 4 below gives an indication of Orkney’s carbon emissions by sector and how overall carbon emissions for energy use compare with wider figures across the UK. Figure 5 shows a cross-sectoral energy usage by fuel type in Orkney. Although, at times, Orkney generates much of its…

… standard fuels in similar applications. Stringent processes are required to demonstrate safety. Efficiency Losses The efficiency trail of hydrogen utilisation is different from current patterns of energy consumption. Well to wheel should be considered for comparisons. Hydrogen at 700pa has a similar volumetric and gravimetric energy as existing fossil fuels and greater than that of li-on batteries…

… renewable sources to minimise impact on the environment. 3. Energy security, system flexibility and self-sufficiency – to reduce reliance on imported energy streams and to use local energy in a smarter and more efficient way to the benefit of local communities. 4. Just transition – ensuring that the benefits from developing new ways to deliver energy are available across the broadest range…

energy strategy (2018)’ which outlines an aspiration to develop affordable, clean and secure energy system in which hydrogen technologies can provide significant advantages for rural communities. In 2009 the community in Orkney published the Sustainable Orkney Energy Strategy defining three overarching aim to bring a strategic direction to its energy ambitions. Ensure Orkney uses energy


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