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Mansfield District Council

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

… a framework for how the council and its partners will approach meeting their emissions targets. Figure 2: Carbon Management Hierarchy Avoid Reduce Substitute Offset Avoid carbon intensive activities. Reduce energy use and improve efficiency. De-carbonise energy by adopting renewable, low cost carbon technology. Offset those emissions that cannot be eliminated by the above. 6…

… Regional emissions "Total Carbon Dioxide emissions from direct and indirect energy use across the D2N2 area in 2017 were 13.5 MtCO2, a 26.6% reduction from 2005 - 3.8% share of UK CO2 emissions" The sectoral emissions mix demonstrates that the largest emitting sector is Industry and Commercial (40%), followed by Transport (33%) and Domestic (27%) sectors. Whilst the Industry and Commercial sector…

…%) and South Derbyshire (12.3%). Per capita, emissions have reduced by 32% to 6.1 tonnes of CO2 in 2017, when taking this population increase into account. Figure 4: Total Carbon Dioxide emissions from direct and indirect energy use in D2N2 16 District emissions As shown below, the carbon emissions estimates produced…

… by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) suggest that the three main sources of emissions in 2019 in Mansfield were: 22% energy consumption from industrial and commercial properties (including businesses and public sector bodies such as councils, health and other education bodies). 51% domestic sources (primarily heating, lighting and appliances in homes). 27% emissions…

… them resilient to the potential impacts of a changing climate. In addition to taking direct action on its own buildings (including new and existing residential dwellings to reduce carbon emissions and increase carbon resilience) MDC will use their wider levers of influence to support, enable and encourage a district-wide response. Emissions focus: Adaptation focus: Energy efficiency


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