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Perth and Kinross Council

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…- this is what we need to do to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. This can be achieved by making our homes, businesses and transport more energy efficient, or switching to carbon neutral energy sources. It can also involve positive actions to enhance our ability to absorb or capture Carbon Dioxide (CO2) such as increasing our woodland cover, or the restoration of peatlands. 2. Adaptation…

… activities that the Council has been engaged in, over a period of years, to reduce emissions. Some headlines include: - ✓ We have reduced the total energy consumption from our buildings by 17% from 2012 levels, despite increasing the number of operational Council buildings. ✓ We have improved the energy performance of our Council Housing stock from 73% in 2015 to 82% in 2019 (Energy

… vision, and strategy to address the climate emergency. This will be a central part of the emerging Perth & Kinross Offer, where we will work together across all parts of our community, to identify what we can all do locally, to address this major global challenge. We believe that a resource efficient and climate resilient area will not only be a better place to live, it will also be fairer…

…/enacted 7 | P a g e More positively, many low carbon measures will deliver energy savings with resultant lower energy bills for citizens and organisations. Fundamentally however, several key studies, most notably the Stern Review: The Economics of Climate Change, have shown that delaying action will cost society much more…

… are: ➢ Developing regulations so that all new homes from 2024 must use renewable or low carbon heat. ➢ Phase in renewable and low carbon heating systems for new non-domestic buildings consented from 2024. ➢ Reaching Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Band C by 2040 for all Scottish homes. ➢ Under the new Fuel Poverty Act 2019, no more than 5% of Scottish households will be in fuel poverty, and no more…


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