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London Borough of Barnet

Direct link to citizens' assembly (PDF)

… residents need to make changes today to enable a more sustainable future, with local commitment and positive action from the council and public. The citizens’ assembly proposes recommendations to achieve a high-quality environment that reduces carbon emissions, reduces waste, and promotes efficient use of energy. We need to use data as our guide on how we are doing. Our recommendations also…

… supermarkets. • Housing that is energy efficient and more affordable. Barnet Council should lead on initiatives to ensure more sustainable buildings, putting in place regulation for developers and fines for companies that don’t support our goals. • More renewable energy that invests back into the community, with returns from sharing electricity and a local network of installers…

… and consultants. People need to be informed about energy consumption and preservation. • To enable Barnet businesses to commit to more sustainable action, investing in community initiatives and promoting green credentials, with local green ratings and a league table of improvements. We must ensure that the action we take enables a fair and equitable future, which makes it easier for people…

…. • Be mindful of the negative environmental and social impacts relating to production taking place outside of Barnet or the UK (e.g. electric cars). • Ensure that everyone has access to local services including schools, hospitals and GPs to reduce travel and improve wellbeing. • Ensure that everyone can access public green space. • Develop homes and buildings that are energy efficient

… in future. Speakers: • Syed Ahmed - Energy for London • Ben Samuel - Better Streets for Barnet • Ranjit Singh- Library of Things • Carole Wright - Community gardener in South London Contributors Exhibition of views from young people’s assembly Vision activity Meeting 3 - Monday 20 March 2023 (2.5 hours) In this meeting, Assembly Members discussed the idea of fairness, equity…


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