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Folkestone and Hythe District Council

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… to source electricity purchased by the Council via a ‘green tariff’. 12. Expand the energy awareness campaign amongst council staff, members and contractors to reduce energy use. 13. Consider the potential and implications for voltage optimization technology to reduce energy consumption. 14. Reduce energy losses by retro-fit technologies and use of more energy efficient building fabric…

… carbon emissions.” 3.4 Within this ambition we pledge to grow the circular economy of the district and seek to reduce waste as well as increase our resilience to climate change through improved energy & resource efficiency, supporting higher sustainability standards in new developments and taking advantage where possible of initiatives to retrofit energy efficiency measures in existing…

… low cost / no cost carbon reduction measures, e.g. energy efficiency measures such as insulation or LED lighting in buildings, as well as converting street lighting to LED. This would be as part of a programmed schedule of works when items scheduled for renewal and where financially feasible. 10. Review sub-metering installations as part of an improved energy monitoring strategy. 11. Seek…

… estate and to support / encourage the transition across the district will require careful and deliberate targeting of funds. These will be from a combination of Council budgets, from energy savings and from external grants. Individual homeowners, landlords and businesses will also have a major part to play, as will the district’s residents in the choices they make in travelling, using energy

… to industrial and agricultural processes to eliminate carbon production. Reducing carbon emissions can include actions such as energy efficiency measures that reduce the demand for heating. Carbon offsetting is a climate action that enables individuals and organisations to compensate for the emissions they cannot avoid, by supporting projects that reduce emissions somewhere else…


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