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Including 16 closely related terms such as scopes, gas emissions, and direct emissions.

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North Somerset Council

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… suppliers to cover the whole supply chain. How do we calculate emissions? The 2018/19 financial year acts as a baseline for monitoring future emissions against. There are three emissionsscopes’ that are calculated for the report: ● Scope 1: direct emissions from our buildings and vehicles ● Scope 2: emissions from electricity consumption ● Scope 3: all other indirect emissions

…) The PSDS is designed to help upgrade heating systems in public buildings into ones often powered by cleaner, cheaper, and renewable energy. Decarbonisation plans produced via CRF funding will be used to apply for PSDS funding. North Somerset Council Climate Emergency Action Plan 18 Emissions for the North Somerset area Figure 1: North Somerset Greenhouse Gas Emissions in 2020 Total

… by approximately 34 kilotonnes per year, ending up at around 880 kilotonnes by 2030. Target emissions will end up at 0 kilotonnes by 2030. This huge gap between business as usual and target emissions demonstrates why we must proactively work to reduce our emissions in North Somerset if we want to reach net zero by 2030.The trajectory of carbon emissions for North Somerset has been steadily decreasing…

emissions (40%), emissions from the domestic sector (25%), industry (13%), agriculture (10%), commercial (5%), waste (3%) and public sector (2%). This is the first time the government dataset has included a break down into industrial, commercial and public sector emissions and has also included emissions of methane and nitrous oxide. Due to COVID-19, 2020 was an unusual year for emissions data

… greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for 453 kt CO2e. North Somerset Council made the decision to include emissions from the M5 and railway within this dataset, even though they are managed by Highways England and national rail companies. This 1 UK local authority and regional greenhouse gas emissions national statistics, 2005 to 2020 – GOV.UK ( is because residents and businesses…


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