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Including 16 closely related terms such as overall emissions, carbon emissions, and reduce emissions.

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Isle of Wight Council

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

…), nitrous oxide (N2O), methane (CH4) and ozone (O3). IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Mitigation In climate change terms, mitigation refers to human interventions to reduce emissions. Net zero emissions When anthropogenic CO2e emissions are balanced globally by anthropogenic CO2e removals over a specified period. Also referred to as carbon neutrality. Paris Agreement…

… of 15% of the baseline emissions offset. A target of no later than 2040 should be set to meet net zero across the entire Island, and ideally sooner than 2040, with no more than 15% of baseline emissions offset by this date. Both target dates must primarily focus on reducing emissions to minimise the amount of offsetting required. This Strategy sets out below: • Net Carbon zero target dates…

… an equal or greater amount of carbon emissions from the atmosphere (for example, by planting more trees or using carbon removal technology). This is known as offsetting. The pathway to net zero must focus primarily on emissions reductions, with only a small amount of offsetting taking place where strictly necessary. While the council can control its own operations and is likely to be able to meet…

… net zero by 2030, this accounts for a tiny fraction (less than 1%) of the Island’s overall emissions. Widespread behaviour change will be necessary across the Isle of Wight, with major changes to energy use and production, housing, and transport and its supporting infrastructure, for the entire area to meet a net zero emissions target. The council must focus on meeting its net zero target…

… Island outcomes • The council will reduce emissions in its estate and activities to meet net zero by 2030. This will be split into five sets of outcomes and actions: • Behaviour • Energy • Council travel and fleet • Waste • Environment and Biosphere Council outcomes 20 5 CARBON FOOTPRINTS A carbon footprint is defined by the Carbon Trust as: “The total greenhouse gas


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