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Including 12 closely related terms such as carbon emissions, emissions targets, and emissions target.

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East Dunbartonshire Council

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… looking beyond the carbon released directly from within our boundaries and being accountable for emissions that occur further afield as a result of our increasing rates of consumption, for example through the consumption of goods in the Far East and the effects of their transportation to Scotland. The Net Scottish Emissions Account (NSEA), against which the achievement of Scotland’s greenhouse gas

… objectives: Environmental Zero Carbon: Reducing Carbon Emissions Use of fossil fuels releases carbon, forming a layer which traps heat and contributes to temperature rises with consequent changes in weather patterns, creating challenges for the survival and wellbeing of species. To mitigate climate change, carbon reduction will be pursued by applying the energy hierarchy5, especially in relation…

… Transport Strategy NSEA Net Scottish Emissions Account OSS Open Space Strategy PDF Policy Development Framework PMO Programme Management Office PPS Plans, Policies & Strategies RPP2 The Scottish Government’s Second Report on Proposals and Policies (RPP2) SCCF Sustainability and Climate Change Framework SEPA Scottish Environment Protection Agency SME Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise SNH…

… to reduce corporate emissions; while significant emission reductions have already been achieved, ambition must be stepped up to maintain and accelerate our contribution to delivering on climate change targets and the Council’s own Transformation agenda. As part of this, we must recognise and take responsibility for the negative impacts of our activities, even when they are not visible; this includes…

emissions targets is measured, focuses on carbon emitted from within Scotland’s boundaries (‘territorial’, or ‘production-based’ emissions) and shows a decrease over time; however, the ‘consumption- based’ statistics released alongside these – required by the Climate Change (Scotland) Act – capture a fuller picture in which emissions are shown to be rising during periods that are recorded under NSEA…


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