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South Kesteven District Council

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… 356 219 185 67 49 19 9 12 0.0 200.0 400.0 600.0 800.0 1000.0 1200.0 Waste Management Street Cleaning Green Waste Responsive Repairs EnvironmentSK Unspecified Pool Cars Tenancy and Neighbourhoods Other Emissions [tCO2e] Across all scopes, emissions from the Council’s fleet were calculated to be 1919 tCO2e The waste management fleet accounts for 52.3% of vehicle emissions

… Non-Council operations Leased out buildings Council operations Building emissions Electricity consumption Gas consumption Waste generation & treatment Water consumption Transportation emissions Council-owned fleet Business mileage Scope 3 S2 & S3 S1 & S3 S1 & S3 Scope 3 Scope 3 Scope 3 N.B. An explanation of excluded emissions is included in Appendix 1. 11…

… – HRA measures R5 – Stamford Arts Centre measures R6 – Streetlighting measures R7 – Fleet measures R8 – Leisure Centre measures 4,000 4,500 5,000 5,500 6,000 6,500 7,000 7,500 8,000 Emissions / tCO2e Net Emissions: Target BAU R1, R2 R3 R4, R5 R6 R7 R8 20 Section 3: Carbon reduction opportunities 2030 Carbon Reduction Pathway - Projects • In consultation with the Council, projects…

… potential should be conducted at all leisure centres to update the potential carbon emission reduction within this plan. This will require planning and liaison with the management companies and alignment with future development plans. A few simple energy efficiency measures can reduce energy consumption however. Although specific measures for reducing energy consumption should be identified through more…

… • 7 tCO2/year saving • 19,190kWh/year electricity saving • 2,735 GBP/year cost saving • £15,000 capital cost 32 Section 3: Carbon reduction opportunities Other Emissions – Grantham Depot and other sites Carbon Reduction Opportunities SKDC operates a number of smaller sites (in terms of carbon emissions) including the Depot where vehicle and workshop operations are based. The Depot…


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