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Including 6 closely related terms such as carbon emissions, emissions, and emissions.

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Melton Borough Council

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… scope 3 emissions from purchased goods and services as well as indirect transport related emission sources and waste – this draws from the Group’s deliberations so far and will be complemented by the stakeholder event. (ii) Undertake a Carbon baseline (External Contractor) - a comprehensive measurement of current carbon emissions on an organisational basis. Examples of approaches Cabinet…

… services to improve provision to rural areas to reduce need for personal transport. Plastic and Waste  Measures to promote recycling and reduce plastic in the environment.  Reduce waste to landfill; reduce methane ‘greenhouse gasemissions. Air Quality  Establish a monitoring system before MMDR finished, providing a baseline.  Encourage enhanced tree planning along route of MMDR Flooding…

… of the Policy Development Group in February regarding reporting back to Cabinet and then Council. A report structure & content has been agreed by the Group and Cabinet’s consideration of this approach is sought. (i) Scoping (Policy Development Group) - Confirming what emissions will be covered by the programme – identification of ‘scope 1 and 2 emissions’ (as defined by the Carbon Trust) but also…

… be funded. This should include milestones and timeframes to achieve ambitions to help forge action plans. (iv) Target setting - Setting realistic targets & timetable for scope 1 and 2 emissions and, where required, separate targets for scope 3 emissions. (v) Develop Action Plans (MBC Service Areas and new Climate Change and Environmental Quality Board: an internal officer group, reporting…


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