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London Borough of Haringey

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…, as set out by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. The carbon emissions are categorised into three groups to clarify how the emissions are generated, and who is accountable for these: Figure 2: Scope of emissions targeted within this Climate Change Action Plan. Scope 1 includes direct emissions from sources that we own and control, including fuel combustion, company vehicles, and fugitive emissions

… reduce carbon emissions from the borough by 36.7% and Haringey is on target in meeting the 40% reduction by 2020 (also known as 40:20 target) from our 2005 baseline. Our historic success in reducing emissions in the borough is due to our proactive working with businesses, the community and other stakeholders. Our work has included undertaking pilot studies and projects, encouraging active…

…. Scope 2 includes indirect emissions generated from the electricity and heat that we purchase and cooling we require. Scope 3 covers all other indirect emissions, such as waste disposal, aviation, diets, and behaviour change. In this action plan the Borough’s emissions are Scope 1 and 2 only, whereas the Council’s emissions are Scope 1 to 3. To ensure that this Climate Change Action Plan…

… the remaining 15%. Targets in Haringey are set for carbon emissions only, however our actions will indirectly reduce other GHGs simultaneously. Trajectory to Reduce Emissions by 2041 Figure 3. This graph shows the rate of decarbonisation required across the energy sectors from around 750 kilo tonnes (kt) CO2 equivalent to less than 100 ktCO2 equivalent. It shows that some sectors…

…) reduction and in its work on Climate Change. The borough is on target to deliver its 40% carbon reduction by 2020 from its 2005 baseline. It has a better performance than neighbouring authority areas. But there is now increased awareness on the impact of carbon and greenhouse gases as scientists have learnt and are seeing the impact of carbon emissions on our climate across the globe. The globe…


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