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Tewkesbury Borough Council

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… a standard methodology for measuring CO2e emissions. Section 3 collates and analyses current emissions data (electricity, heating fuel, fleet/business travel and water consumption/wastewater processing) for calendar year 2019 (or approximate data where the information is not available) from the Council’s operations under Scope 1 - direct emissions, 2 - indirect emissions and 3 - all other…

…) found that: ► The UK’s greenhouse gas emissions have reduced by 43% compared to 1990 levels. Since 2012 seventy-five percent of the emission reductions have come from the power sector while security of supply has been maintained and average energy bills have fallen. 11 ► The transport sector (27% of UK territorial emissions) was significantly off track from the cost…

…. 6 TBC in scope emissions data calculations workbook 20 3.2 OVERVIEW OF FINDINGS The headline figure shows a total of 1,599.93 tonnes/CO2e per year from all included elements of TBC energy consumption. This is the total emissions from the three overarching categories of TBC operations as shown in the table below: Table 2: Total Emissions by Category TBC 2019 CO2 Emissions

…: Indirect energy emissions released into the atmosphere that are associated with your consumption of purchased electricity; Scope 3: Other indirect emissions that are a consequence of your actions occurring at sources you do not own or control and are not classed as Scope 2 emissions. For example: business travel (staff vehicles of Public Transport), waste disposal, materials or fuels (water…

…) your organisation purchases 4 . Using the Government’s Greenhouse Gas Reporting Conversion Factors for 2019 (advanced data set) a baseline emissions level for the council has been established, as shown: TBC 2019 CO2 Emissions by Scope CO2 Emissions (T/CO2e) % of Total Detail of Scope Composition Scope 1 1,124.79 70.30% Gas Consumed; Owned Transport (Incl. UBICO…


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