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London Borough of Barnet

Direct link to citizens' assembly (PDF)

… participated in a young people’s assembly (18 hours). The two groups came together at key points to share their experiences, ideas and recommendations. This report presents the work that they did together. Themes explored by the Assembly were based on the council’s draft sustainability action plan. They are areas identified as having both the scope to significantly reduce the boroughs carbon emissions

… residents need to make changes today to enable a more sustainable future, with local commitment and positive action from the council and public. The citizens’ assembly proposes recommendations to achieve a high-quality environment that reduces carbon emissions, reduces waste, and promotes efficient use of energy. We need to use data as our guide on how we are doing. Our recommendations also…

… focused on key themes identified in Barnet’s Sustainability Action Plan with the most scope to reduce carbon emissions and which require borough-wide action. The recommendations on the following page are presented in order of priority. Key 1 2 Educate children and young people on sustainability and climate change through curriculum delivery…

… spaces, and use the school gardens to grow food to use in school meals. 12 Encourage and support local farming for fruits which will help create support for veganism and reduce the carbon emission for shipping. 13 14 Retrofit council properties and provide grants / subsidies for people in private housing to make buildings net zero. We must also make housing…

… the amount of food waste. By acting on this recommendation, we will see less wasted food, which makes more food available to others. This helps reduce carbon emissions as there is less food being wasted. It will address challenges of food waste (so we are aware of how to buy for our families) and overshopping (such as reducing sensitivity to best before dates). Actions for me: • Show…


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