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Including 11 closely related terms such as direct emissions, direct emission, and indirect emissions.

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Elmbridge Borough Council

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… 14 n/a AMPS 13 Heat and Hot Water Review – Community Cen- tres Review heating and hot water schedules at the Community Centre’s so they run as efficiently as possible, e.g. align schedules to only run systems when spaces are utilised. Energy and carbon emission reduction from this action are immediate. 22/23 - Com- plete 5 0 Officer time 1,088 n/a AMPS 14 Loft…

… Sustainable Procurement Questionnaire Develop a supplier and service provider sus- tainability questionnaire to be filled out by con- tractors as part of the procurement process for goods, works and services. This questionnaire will help to gather valuable information, such as suppliers and supply chains’ commitment to a carbon neutral vision, to receive their Scope 1 and 2 carbon emission data

… Cooperation and Development Operational sites Civic Centre and our seven Centres for the Community Ref. Reference REGO Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin Scope 1 Covers direct emissions from owned or controlled sources. Scope 2 Covers indirect emissions from the generation of purchased electricity, steam, heating and cooling consumed by the reporting company. Scope 3 Includes all other…

… item no. 8, 08/12/2021 07 December 2022 Version 1.2 Approved by Council See Cabinet item no. 28/22, 16/11/2022 See Council item no. 7.(b), 07/12/2022 Content Table 1: Organisation Emissions - Carbon Reduction Actions ......................................................... 2 Table 2: Transport and Air Quality - Carbon Reduction Actions…

… Borough Council - Carbon Management and Reduction Plan 2020 – 2030 (V1.2) 2 Carbon Management and Reduction Plan 2020 – 2030 Table 1: Organisation Emissions - Carbon Reduction Actions Ref. Action Description When Est. carbon savings [tCO2e/ year] Est. cap- ital cost [£] Funding source Est. sav- ings [£/year] Est. sim- ple pay- back [years] Lead Organisation…


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