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Including 14 closely related terms such as gas emissions, carbon emissions, and direct emissions.

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North Devon Council

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…: direct emissions from fuel combustion, such as boilers for heating buildings, transport fuel used by owned or directly leased vehicles and ‘fugitive emissions’10. Scope 2: indirect emissions from the consumption of purchased electricity i.e. from power stations, and heat generated off site i.e. district heating. Scope 3: indirect emissions from the transmission and distribution of electricity…

… of 93,667, showing a 2.7% increase in the North Devon population over that 7-year period. Between 2018 and 2033 North Devon’s population is set to grow by 7% to an estimated 103,400. It may be useful to understand the carbon dioxide emissions from the district in the context of the other local authorities across Devon. The graphic below highlights the differences between carbon emissions from…

…. Rural areas have higher emissions from agriculture, while manufacturing and other industrial processes tend to be located in urban areas, so these areas have higher emissions associated with these activities. Fig 1 2019 Greenhouse gas emissions across Devon by Sector (with kind permission of Devon County Council) 3 The case for declaring a climate emergency Our…

… datasets going back to 2005. These show a steady reduction in per capita emissions for North Devon, from 7.3 tonnes in 2005 to 4.5 tonnes in the last reporting year of 2019. This is below the average in the country but still some way off the 2- tonne per capita goal set by the IPPC. It is interesting to note that these improvements have come about through a steady reduction in carbon emissions

…/attachment_data/file/850130/Env-reporting-guidance_inc_SECR_31March.pdf 11 The summary results are shown in the table below: No. Category 2018/2019 tCO2e 2020/2021 tCO2e Scope 1 Direct GHG emissions and removals 1392.4 1354.3 1. Stationary Combustion 190.7 181.5 2. Owned transport 1201.8 1172.9 3. Process emissions 0.0 0.0 4. Fugitive emissions 0.0 0.0 Scope 2 Energy GHG indirect


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