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North Tyneside Metropolitan Borough Council

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… of climate adaptation to its service provision using the BEIS sponsored Climate Adaptation toolkit and its five-step process. This work builds upon previous risk assessments undertaken in line with the government’s former National Indicator 188. Offsetting and insetting The authority has identified a range of carbon reduction projects which will impact on reducing its own direct emissions

…. A focus of COP26 was to secure agreement between all the Paris signatories on how they would set out their nationally determined contributions (NDCs) to reduce emissions. The finalised Rulebook, includes agreements on: • An enhanced transparency framework for reporting emissions • Common timeframes for emissions reductions targets • Mechanisms and standards for international carbon markets…

…, and this was presented to Cabinet in October 2020. The Council has been delivering against the strategic actions in that plan to drive down carbon emissions. The Council’s carbon footprint is down by 53% and the borough’s is down by 47% and I am delighted with these achievements. However, in light of rising global emissions and the evidence of the need to take significant action well in advance of the 2050…

… the Committee on Climate Change has resulted in unprecedented recognition of the global climate emergency, and the need to act urgently in order to reduce carbon emissions to limit further global warming and associated environmental impacts. Global initiatives are now focused on limiting warming to well below 2oC, aligning to the pledges outlined in the Paris Agreement. North Tyneside Council has…

… be a significant factor in carbon emissions reduction. Food system activities, including producing food, transporting it, and storing wasted food in landfills, produce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that contribute to climate change. Of these sources, livestock production is the largest, accounting for an estimated 14.5 percent of global GHG emissions. Meat from ruminant animals, such as cattle…


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