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East Devon District Council

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

… to support them in reducing their carbon footprint. We will also assist Town and Parish Councils, community and voluntary groups understand their carbon footprint and make changes to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Action Plan – Mitigation & Adaptation: We are including in our Climate Change Action Plan a mix of mitigation and adaptation measures to ensure that reducing

… and social change over the course of the 21st Century; it is not possible to assign probabilities to each scenario. The current global emissions trajectory indicates that the “High” emissions scenario best represents the current status quo. Under this scenario, by the end of the 21st Century central estimates are that mean summer temperatures in Devon will increase by 2 – 3oC (with the warmest…

… the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change – unites the world to continue global efforts to deal with greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions mitigation and adaptation to the changing climate. As of February 2018, 197 parties have signed the agreement and the great majority have ratified it. The Agreement expects each country to plan its own ambitious emissions reduction activity…

… on track to outperform the second (2013-17) and third (2018-22) carbon budgets, but is not on track to meet the fourth, which covers the period 2023-27. In the 2017 Clean Growth Strategy the government introduced a voluntary target for the wider public and higher education sectors in England called the Emissions Reduction Pledge 2020. This target would aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

… and Environment at the University of Exeter have considerable expertise in this area of work. A spreadsheet has been prepared and populated for our reported carbon emissions. Council Services have captured our and our key partner’s carbon emitting activities, and this has been translated in tonnes of CO2 equivalent using national guidelines and conversion advice. The carbon footprint assumptions…


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