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Borough of Broxbourne

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

… A SUSTAINABLE COUNCIL This priority concerns reduction of the Council’s own carbon footprint, and setting an example for others in the Borough. The objectives are: 1. Reduce the carbon footprint of Council buildings 2. Reduce the use of petrol and diesel by the Council and minimise emissions 3. Consider sustainability in use of materials and procurement decisions Objective 1: Reduce…

… the carbon footprint of Council buildings Task Responsibility Target Resourcing Programme update – Spring 2023 Programme update – Summer 2023 RAG Status 1.1 Undertake Carbon Emissions assessment to develop baseline figures for Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions. Sustainability Officer Initial assessment by 31 October 2021 £25k budget agreed. The Carbon Emissions baseline…

… was calculated with the Council producing 2,092.28 tonnes of CO2 in 2019/20. Report going to Cabinet in March 2023. Baseline accepted at Cabinet in March 2023. Used to produce trajectory to Carbon Net Zero by 2050. 1.2 Undertake audit of carbon emissions per year to measure against baseline figure and track progress against reaching carbon net zero. Sustainability Officer Audit…

… in 2023 on how officers can take practical steps to reduce energy consumption and waste Existing Several articles shared in November / December. Will be ongoing throughout the year. Articles shared in Staff News across the summer. Reusable water bottles provided to staff. 6 Objective 2: Reduce the use of petrol and diesel by the Council and minimise emissions

… EV’s and 1 diesel. No further acquisitions planned. Usage is monitored. b) No further developments at this stage. c) Dependent on move to the new Depot. 10 2.3 Maximise fuel efficiency and minimise emissions from Council vehicles running on fossil fuels. Director of Environmental Services Council vehicles follow procedures to maximise fuel…


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