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Bedford Borough Council

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

… on some carbon reduction activities being undertaken by the council already to achieve the objective of reducing emissions of climate changing greenhouse gases. Key Points: • The effects of climate change are being felt in the UK and abroad. The international consensus on tackling climate change is reflected in UK policy, which has imposed legally binding national carbon reduction budgets…

… low carbon living the new norm. IPCC Graph - Schematic temperature pathways Source: SECTION TWO Policy Context2 Carbon Reduction Delivery Strategy 2020-2030 9 2. Policy Context This strategy sits within a framework on national regional and local policies relating to energy, emissions and climate change. The UK target is now to reduce greenhouse gas

… for the ‘Net Zero Carbon’ definition – the Council will aim to measure emissions, reduce as much as possible and then offset the unavoidable emissions through good quality offsets. Carbon Neutral • Offset emissions against a measured footprint. Specified by PAS 2060 • Mandatory carbon reduction and management plan • Requires offsets providing genuine and additional GHG reductions Net Positive…

… via internal fuel records (scope 1). • Emissions from business travel carried out in employees’ and councillor’s own vehicles (the “grey fleet”). Monitored via payroll mileage claims (scope 3). 5. Monitoring and Reporting 20 Carbon Reduction Delivery Strategy 2020-2030 The Council will follow the Defra guidance and continue to report its direct emissions measured as Scope 1, 2…

… reduction linked to reduced travel, however potential for increase in direct emissions through own energy use (indirect) 36 Carbon Reduction Delivery Strategy 2020-2030 Continued... Working Practices Action Planned Outcome/ Impact Timeframe (Short-Long term) Total estimated cost Estimated saving per year / payback Estimated CO2 reduction All Council reports to consider the carbon…


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