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Borough of Broxbourne

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… of Council fleet journeys, including pool cars, made in electric or hydrogen powered vehicles. Treasury Insurance Risk Manager Director of Environmental Services a) Financially viable timetable for replacement of vehicles in place by January 2022 b) Annual reduction in use of fossil fuels by Council fleet c) Electric charging points or hydrogen fuelling points installed…

… of 3 electric vehicles and 1 diesel in 2023/24. This will be a reduction of 2 diesel vehicles from the fleet compared to 2022/23. b) No further updates. c) No further updates. 9 2.3 Maximise fuel efficiency and minimise emissions from Council vehicles running on fossil fuels. Director of Environmental Services Council vehicles follow procedures…

… in determination of all planning applications and in Council’s own plans for new footpaths and cycle paths. Policy NEB1 states “Development proposals should result in net gains to biodiversity wherever possible.” Evidence of work with developers to include environmental sustainability concepts in new developments e.g. solar panels, electric car charging points, on-site recycling…

…. As above. 28 7.2 Help create a network of rapid charging points for electric vehicles. Communications Manager Parking Services Manager Assistant Director of Place a) A network of 100 rapid charging points for electric vehicles across the Borough, sufficient to meet the needs of residents who cannot charge vehicles at home. b) Incorporation of electric

vehicle home charging points into new developments. c) Work with businesses to increase the number of EV charging points in town centres. Bid to be made to Office for Zero Emission Vehicle (OZEV) grants HCC has confirmed that its current position is for districts and boroughs to lead the implementation of on-street charging points in their areas, in accordance…


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