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Durham County Council

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… and restoring County Durham’s natural and semi-natural habitats and managing them for nature, we can aid nature recovery and store more carbon. This will also deliver co-benefits for climate change adaptation, improved soil health, water management, and for our own health and wellbeing. Nature based solutions will therefore be implemented which address both the climate emergency and ecological emergency

… for the better; to influence each  other so we can all achieve a carbon neutral lifestyle?’ To secure this positive and effective change in the climate agenda is ultimately my goal, and this Strategy and Climate Emergency Response Plan is the next step in making that vision a reality. County Durham was at the forefront of the industrial revolution, with steel making and coal mining being some of the first…

… Governance 98 - 99 Action Plan 100 - 115 Policy Plan 116 Appendices 116 A. Council Emissions 116 - 120 B. County Emissions 121 - 124 C. Glossary 125 - 127 The Climate Change Strategy Introduction Why is this Important? In the three years since the Council declared a climate emergency, there has been a very worrying increase in extreme wildfires, floods, droughts, and storms, which have…

…, the Council declared a Climate Emergency in recognition that unless immediate action is taken, global warming will continue on its current trajectory toward 3°C with disastrous consequences. Following public consultation, the Council in February 2020 adopted the following statement: Immediately adopt a new Durham County Council target of 80% [carbon reduction] by 20301 making significant progress…

… and needs to be done locally to respond to this dire threat. The vision will be delivered through an integrated framework of partnership and organisational plans and strategies across the County Durham Partnership. The vision will be updated to reflect the urgency of the climate emergency. This Strategy and CERP reviews the progress made in County Durham since 2020 and highlights current emissions…


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