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City of Edinburgh Council

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

… 3.1 As noted by the Climate Emergency Response Group, if Scotland as a whole is to meet its 2045 target, our cities need to make faster progress and the Council has committed to playing its part by striving to reach net zero by 2030.1 3.2 The 2030 Climate Strategy is for the whole city. It recognises the Council must take a leading role in co-creating a green, clean, and sustainable future…

…, there was a general desire to see more prioritisation alongside that breadth; reflecting city data and evidence. 3.8 A common theme was a desire for more detail on how, and by who, strategy commitments will be delivered. This feedback has been addressed through the production of the supporting implementation plan, provided at Appendix 2. 1 Delivering on Scotland’s response to the climate emergency

…, Climate Emergency Response Group, September 2021 Policy and Sustainability Committee – 30 November 2021 3.9 Some feedback from city partners suggested that the draft strategy did not sufficiently cover specific issues – often aligned with the responding organisation’s area of responsibility or interest. Themes included public health, greenspaces, and adaptation. The importance of sustainable…

… outlined above, the main strategy narrative has also been changed in response to feedback from citizens and partners to ensure it gives sufficient weight and visibility to the following issues: 4.6.1 Strengthened messaging around the climate emergency; 4.6.2 Strengthened public health messaging; 4.6.3 Improved visibility of adaptation, greenspaces, biodiversity, food growing and the circular…

… Executive Summary, Draft 2030 Climate Strategy | 2 Foreword Climate change is the biggest threat facing our planet. That is why the World Health Organisation has placed climate change and air pollution at the very top of its list of threats to public health. It’s also why the City of Edinburgh Council declared a climate emergency; established an independent Climate Commission; and set…


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