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West Berkshire Council

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

…, we took an important step by acknowledging this when West Berkshire Council unanimously declared a Climate Emergency on 2nd July 2019. In doing so we highlighted the fact that the Council, our partners and our local communities all needed to play their part in response. On 28th October 2019 we held our first West Berkshire Climate Conference at which we committed to taking a leading role…

… administrations, has a strong record of responding to green issues. However with the declaration of a Climate Emergency we recognise that we need to accelerate activity in the face of growing concern for our planet’s future. This will mean being bolder, and prioritising investment in environmental projects to a much greater extent than we have to date. Most importantly, we know that trying…

… The delivery of this document, West Berkshire Council’s new Environment Strategy, has been accelerated as a result of the Council declaring a Climate Emergency in July 2019 and committing to the creation of a strategic plan to work towards carbon neutrality in the district by 2030. This declaration was as follows: 2. Introduction This Council notes that: 1. All levels of government (national…

… action can deliver economic benefits in terms of new jobs, economic savings and market opportunities (as well as improved health and wellbeing) but will also require changes in individuals’ lifestyles and have a cost implication to both the individual and the state. West Berkshire Council therefore: • Declares a Climate Emergency. • Will create a strategic plan for West Berkshire that aims…

…. A central recommendation was a new emissions target for the UK – net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. In May 2019 a motion was passed by the UK Parliament seeking to declare an environment and climate emergency. This effectively endorsed the net zero by 2050 target previously recommended by the CCC. In addition, the CCC commented in response to the declared environment and climate


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