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Cheltenham Borough Council

Direct link to action plan (PDF)

… makes up almost a third of all UK carbon emissions. Excessive use of energy due to inefficiencies and sourcing from fossil fuels also contributes significantly to climate change. Improvements drastically need to be made on improving the energy efficiency of housing and non-domestic properties, ensuring they require less energy to heat, making them cheaper to run and more comfortable to live…

…/social-housing-decarbonisation-fund-demonstrator-successful-bids 15 18 Actions 1. Measure the energy usage of CBC owned properties

… borough-wide emissions. 5. Retrofit council-owned properties with sustainable, energy-efficient solutions where feasible. 6. Help owner-occupiers to create more energy efficient homes. For example, by supporting energy companies to provide fuel-poor or vulnerable households with insulation, or by helping influence the retrofit market to ensure there is effective demand for energy efficient…

… by stipulating requirements in a new Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) 9. Engage with landlords to improve energy efficiency of homes in the private rented sector and commercial properties and encourage them to achieve good insulation. 10. Look for potential to align Conservation Area policies with climate emergency goals. 19 E. Active Travel, Transport and Air Quality Overview An estimated 70…


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