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South Ribble Borough Council

Direct link to action plan (PDF)

… compliance Ongoing Annual Investigate domestic retrofitting options To understand emerging technologies, and those options most efficient and effective for the borough Short term Retrofit a domestic property SRBC to organise, to use as a flagship of best practice for the borough Schools and colleges, local businesses, residents Medium term The Council will seek to lead…

…. This borough wide change to the vast majority of domestic housing, including some properties granted but not yet built, is considered to be the largest single area of work required within this action plan. Without this, the carbon neutral target of 2030 may not be possible. It is this area of improvement that will require significant focus, investment and co-operation of the borough’s residents…

… of using waste as an energy source. Investigate use of waste as an energy source Investigate recycling options for harder to recycle materials Implement collection of hard to recycle items within Council occupied properties Implement collection of hard to recycle items across the borough Investigate new technologies available to improve our recycling service Work with partners…

… Agency FSA – Food Standards Agency GHG – Greenhouse gases are those gaseous constituents of the atmosphere, which absorb and emit radiation at specific wavelengths within the spectrum of thermal infrared radiation emitted by the Earth’s surface, by the atmosphere itself, and by clouds. This property causes the greenhouse effect. Water vapor (H2O), carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrous oxide (N2O…


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