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London Borough of Islington

Direct link to action plan (PDF)

… are compiled by BEIS, there is some miscategorisation. The energy consumption of some small businesses that have similar consumption to residential properties is included in the residential figures, while consumption by some residential properties served by communal gas boilers or on a single electricity meter point for a whole block is included in the commercial figures (which also includes…

… Programme) LEDNet, CELC Local government Association London Boroughs Government Departments (BEIS, DEFRA, DfT, Treasury) Net Zero Carbon Executive Board (Executive Members, SRO, Steering Board & Advisors) Islington Fairer Together Partnership Board WS7:Engaging, Empowering & Partnering Finance Project O icer WS8:Finance and Investments i Service Director Housing Property

…. The council has direct control over only 4% of the carbon emissions with indirect responsibility for about 5% as a landlord to about 25,000 properties. While we have a great responsibility to reduce our emissions, we must also lead the way in supporting local people, business and our other partners to reduce their impact. I am immensely proud of our achievements over recent years, which include…

… between now and 2030. During this period, we will intensify our efforts and focus on five priorities: 1. Residential buildings, Commercial & Industrial buildings and Infrastructure Improve the energy efficiency and reduce the level of carbon emissions of all buildings and infrastructure: We will continue our work on the insulation of properties and seek ways of converting heating systems…

… for the council through procuring goods and services on zero carbon basis. Lack of direct control a. The majority of properties in the borough are owned by organisations or individuals over whom the council does not have the power to require them to switch to zero carbon heating and power or insulate their properties to a higher standard. b. The capacity of the local electricity grid would need…


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