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West Northamptonshire Council

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

… and infrastructure Flooding already poses a severe threat to people, communities and buildings, and climate change is expected to increase the frequency, severity and extent of flooding. A temperature increase of 2°C, which is now considered to be a modest climate change projection, could result in as much as a 40% increase in the number of residential properties in the UK exposed to frequent flooding…

… (1 in 75 years average) by the 2080s, with a rise of 4°C potentially resulting in as much as a 93% increase in the number of residential properties exposed to frequent flooding28. In Northamptonshire, large swathes of agricultural land and heavily urbanised town centres provide the ideal conditions for surface water flooding. Indeed, surface water flooding is the greatest source of flood…

… risk posed to Northamptonshire’s residents, with almost 57,000 residential properties already predicted to be at risk without taking into account future climate change29. With a rapid speed of onset, surface water flooding can be difficult to respond to, particularly if pre-emptive measures have not been taken to mitigate its risk30. The economic damages associated with flooding can be severe…

… projects, the implementation of property flood resistance measures, and natural flood management landscape interventions. With the intense international spotlight on climate change and the UK government commitment to making UK carbon neutral by 2050. For Northamptonshire to match the national government ambitions of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 - a 121 kt/year reduction of CO2 emissions…


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