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Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council

Direct link to action plan (PDF)

… 4.33 The Council’s approach to procurement has a role to play in its response to climate change, and this should be reviewed as part of the action planning process. Property implications 4.34 A significant part of the Council’s carbon footprint relates to the operation of Council buildings and this has been considered and outlined in the attached plan. Health and wellbeing…

… Clean & Green MEDIUM 5 THEME 2. ENERGY 2.1 Estates Strategy aligned with climate action’ a) Review usage of Council properties & consider removal (by disposal, sale or demolition) of the most energy inefficient buildings. Internal Focus Transformation & Digital / Corporate Landlord Proud/IFM LONG b) Align climate action closely with refreshed Estate Strategy. Internal Focus…

… in bad weather for energy efficiency savings. Communities Place & Environment (Highways & Transport) Highways Road Traffic Network MEDIUM c) Installation of 5,000 transmission nodes for 4G/5G internet network capability. Communities Place & Environment (Highways & Transport) Highways Road Traffic Network MEDIUM 6 2.5 Conduct a viability study on Council property

… to integrate low carbon and renewable energy options such as solar thermal, PV or heat pumps. a) Conduct feasibility study, obtain quotes & submit CMT/cabinet report for use of solar panels / PV across Council property. Internal Focus Place & Environment (Highways & Transport) / Corporate Landlord (Facilities) CCPM MEDIUM b) Monitor impact of 49.8KW solar panel system on Civic Centre…

… of these properties. Economic Growth Resources and Transformation Money. Home, Job MEDIUM d) Continue to ensure that landlords, agents and those selling or letting their homes are aware of their legal obligation to provide and make available Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) and take appropriate action against those who fail in this obligation. Economic Growth Resources and Transformation Money. Home…


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