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Rushmoor Borough Council

Direct link to action plan (PDF)

… community energy schemes and improving energy efficiency in residential properties. Interest has already been expressed from within the local community to support projects and, as the Action Plan moves forward, it is hoped that this interest can be harnessed. 3.5 The Action Plan is comprehensive and includes a range of significant projects. Some of these are planned and included in the Council…

… plan adopted and owned Executive Director/ Climate Change Specialist Rushmoor Local Plan/ Aldershot Town Centre Prospectus SPD B2.1 Use the planning system to reduce the carbon impact of development Prepare guidance to provide advice on achieving higher standards for residential and commercial properties for energy efficiency and sustainable design of new properties

… 2021/23 New properties are constructed to standards which produce the minimum of carbon emissions Guidance in place being implemented Economy, Planning and Strategic Housing Rushmoor Local Plan ANNEX 1 Page 8 of 28 B2.2 in the Borough Prepare guidance to applicants on higher standards to ensure sustainable design for changes/extensions…

… to existing properties 2023 and beyond Common standards to ensure a reduction in the carbon impact of existing properties Guidance in place and being implemented Economy, Planning and Strategic Housing Rushmoor Local Plan B2.3 Review whether there is justification for requiring developers’ contributions to climate change mitigation action 2023 and beyond Reduction in carbon…

…/ Communications ANNEX 1 Page 10 of 28 B4.1 Support and encourage energy reduction and efficiency and use of clean energy Develop and introduce sustainability clauses as part of new and reviewed leases of properties which are owned and managed directly by the Council to provide guidance and requirements for energy efficiency improvements 2023 and beyond…


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