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London Borough of Brent

Direct link to citizens' assembly (PDF)

… Financial incentives and disincentive schemes for plastics for businesses and individuals in borough P g N o Brent Climate Assembly: Recommendations from Assembly members to Brent Council, as reported by Traverse Page 24 Open - external Final - Version 1.0 Actions (Theme) Score Key suggestions 8. Adapt Buildings (AGH) 44 Council to adapt their own properties Council to offer…

… this should involve the Council adapting its own properties, and information and incentivization for homeowners and businesses to make adaptations. What’s the message? Assembly members appreciated the scale of the challenge in relation to energy efficiency in the borough’s buildings and believe this is something where the Council needs to show leadership and make the necessary investment…

…. There is an expectation that the Council leads by example by improving its own properties; and that the potential gains in terms of carbon emissions make it worth investing public money in private properties to get them up to scratch. There were concerns about what this would cost, but also a feeling that there was no alternative as this was such an important source of emissions, yet the costs could…


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