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Westminster City Council

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… buildings and 15% from homes. A further 11% of emissions come from transport. Council emissions The council generated almost 45,000 tonnes of carbon from our buildings and activities in 2018. We need to reduce our emissions by 8.3% each year to achieve our target of net zero by 2030. Our largest source of emissions is the Pimlico District Heating Undertaking which accounts for 37.4% of all…

… council emissions. We are exploring options to decarbonise the heating scheme which supplies heat to 3,200 households. 37.4% Pimlico District Heating Undertaking 33% Housing communal supplies 13.7% Corporate assets 1.8% FM Conway vehicles 6.6% Veolia vehicles 7.3% Leisure centres 37% from public sector buildings such as schools and hospitals 23% from industrial…

… the city such as district heat networks and biogas. Expand existing district heat networks and require new developments to link up to heat networks within future planning policies. Improve energy efficiency in council buildings and housing stock and ensure that purchased electricity is 100% renewable. Carry out of major retrofit of the Council’s own social housing estates, targeting an average…

… to retrofitting historic buildings. Collaborate with other councils around consistent planning laws and guidance. Retrofit buildings across Westminster to improve their energy performance and increase renewable energy sources, targeting net zero emissions where possible. Encourage the sensitive retrofit of historic buildings, where possible. Explore funding to decarbonise the Pimlico District

Heating Undertaking (PDHU) Ensure that new developments minimise their whole life carbon impact, reduce emissions on site as far as possible in line with industry best practice, and rely less on carbon offsetting to achieve net zero carbon standards. Set out higher environmental standards for development in Westminster through our City Plan and new Environmental Supplementary Planning Guidance…


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