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South Kesteven District Council

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… Carbon Reduction Action Plan Design v0.1 South Kesteven District Council Final report June 2020 Carbon footprint and reduction opportunities Growing acknowledgement of the latest science and recommendations from the Committee on Climate Change has resulted in unprecedented recognition of the global climate emergency, and the need…

… to reduce the climate impacts at both the local and national scale. South Kesteven District Council recognises the significant role it can play in helping to accelerate the national transition towards developing a low carbon economy, and declared a Climate Emergency in 2019. This report was commissioned by the Council to help achieve the carbon reduction targets set out in its’ declaration. Context…

… to this report 1 Contents Executive Summary 3 Section 1: Council target 8 Section 2: Carbon footprint 9 Section 3: Carbon reduction opportunities 19 Section 4: Governance and engagement 38 Section 5: Monitoring and reporting 40 Appendices 42 2 Executive summary • This Carbon Reduction Action Plan forms a key step in South Kesteven District Council’s (SKDC) climate emergency response…

… Kesteven District Council’s footprint for the FY 2018/19 was calculated to be 7,600 tCO2e Four key emission categories make up 98.5% of the total footprint: 1. Fuel consumption in the Council’s fleet (1,918 tCO2e) 2. Gas consumption in buildings (1,344 tCO2e) 3. Electricity consumption in buildings (1,072 tCO2e) 4. Leased assets (leisure centres) (3,157 tCO2e) 7,600 tCO2e • The carbon reduction…

…. • Putting in place an early immediate plan that builds on the findings of this Carbon Reduction Action Plan will help to ensure carbon reduction remains a key part of the council’s agenda going forward, whilst also allowing the necessary budgets and organisational structures to be developed accordingly. 7 Section 1: Council target Section 1: Council Target The ambition of South Kesteven District


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