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Derbyshire Dales District Council

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… Derbyshire Dales District Council emissions report 2022-23 Reporting period 1st April 2022 – 31st March 2023 Glossary of terms CO2e - carbon dioxide equivalent. The standard measurement of GHG emissions in terms of the most common greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide (CO2) Net zero – also sometimes referred to as ‘carbon neutral…

…) 806.6 585.5 604.7 585.2 Figure One: Derbyshire Dales District Council scope 1, 2 and some 3 emissions per year in tCO2e Reasons for Change in Emissions Gas heating in buildings – gas consumption is broadly similar to 2021-22 but 14% less than the baseline year of 2019-20 Vehicle fuel – vehicle use is similar to that in 2021-22 though due to issues with fuel…

…. The Council has used the Local Government Association Greenhouse Gas accounting tool to generate emissions data. This tool uses the 2022 conversion factors. Organisational boundary The Council has used the organisational control approach. Operational scopes Figure Two: Derbyshire Dales District Council 2022-23 ‘carbon footprint’ shown in scopes measured Scope 1…

… were 876t CO2e. This represents an 11% decrease on 2021-22. Freedom Leisure publish an annual report which provides further information in respect of emissions reductions initiatives. Figure Three – Derbyshire Dales District Council leisure centres ‘carbon footprint’ 2022-23 shown in scopes measured Waste collection contract The reported emissions from the waste disposal contract…


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