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Tandridge District Council

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… Climate Change Action Plan - Tandridge District Council //<![CDATA[ var __cultureInfo = {"name":"en-GB","numberFormat":{"CurrencyDecimalDigits":2,"CurrencyDecimalSeparator":".","IsReadOnly":false,"CurrencyGroupSizes":[3],"NumberGroupSizes":[3],"PercentGroupSizes":[3],"CurrencyGroupSeparator":",","CurrencySymbol":"£","NaNSymbol":"NaN…

…. Moving to carbon net-zero buildings in the longer term. Ensuring all Council-owned vehicles are zero carbon by 2030. Driving significant carbon reductions in our work with suppliers and partners. 2.    Improving transport and air quality across the district by: Creating well connected communities, close to high quality places and spaces, reducing the need for private vehicles.  Making it easy…

… for residents and visitors to shift from private vehicles to public and active transport, like walking and cycling. Creating environments which encourage partners and residents to use zero omission vehicles for journeys which can’t be made on foot, by bicycle or public transport. 3.    Generating our own energy, by: Expanding capacity for energy generation across the district, with a focus on solar…

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