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Kirklees Council

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…: Transport Actions 49 Waste 55 Table 7: Waste Actions 57 Water 60 Table 8: Water Actions 62 Cross-Cutting 65 Table 9: Cross-Cutting Actions 67 Monitoring and Evaluation Strategy 72 Overview 72 Figure 6: Cycle of Monitoring and Evaluation 72 Monitoring Progress 72 Evaluating results and impacts 73 Sharing Lessons Learned 73 Reporting on Action Outcomes 73 Next Steps 74…

… responsible for combatting climate change?” 19 Figure 5: All CCAP actions by action type. 22 Figure 6: Cycle of Monitoring and Evaluation 72 Figure 7: Next steps for the Kirklees CCAP. 74 TABLE LIST Table 1: Kirklees' Emissions Pathway to Reach Net-Zero against baseline levels from 2000 - Adapted from ‘A Net-Zero Carbon Assessment for Kirklees’ (Gouldson et al., 2021). 11 Table 2: Building…

… the business cases have been developed, a second iteration of the Action Plan will be published, outlining a firm set of commitments in the form of the priority actions by place and the business cases for implementation of these actions. • Monitoring & Evaluation: As outlined within the adaptation action plan, a 3 yearly cycle of monitoring and evaluation will be established for the climate change…


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