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Babergh District Council

Direct link to action plan (PDF)

… are working with Suffolk County council to create new areas in town centres for walking and cycling building upon the behaviour change demonstrated during Covid 19. This will be Agreed. We will encourage modal shift by seeking opportunities to increase cycle path and foot-way connectivity, as well as reviewing the parking policies. 17 Proposal Originator Cost Carbon…

…’. 9 Proposal Originator Cost Carbon Impact/Saving Timescale Viability Cabinet Comment and / or Amendment likely to have a major impact on the highway infrastructure, incorporate a travel plan, in accordance with County/National Guidance.  All development proposals incorporate provision for walking, cycling (including storage) and public transport, linkages to networks…

… Impact/Saving Timescale Viability Cabinet Comment and / or Amendment employees are feasible from where they live and where they work. 5 Transport & Travel (inc alternatives) 5.1 We will review the Councils’ existing parking policies to encourage a modal shift in transport from cars to other sustainable transport options including cycling.  Climate Change Task Force…


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