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London Borough of Lambeth

Direct link to action plan (PDF)

… are quicker, quieter and more reliable now that they don’t need to compete with so many cars. Deliveries are being made by cargo bikes and small electric vans, and there is a much wider variety of cycles on the roads now, adapted to suit many different needs. They reach the school – now an oasis of calm with cleaner air and the noise of children’s play instead of engines. Grace waves goodbye…

… transition is needed in the way people live and interact with each other, the planet and its resources. Taking this action will deliver tangible benefits to Lambeth’s communities, from revitalising our natural spaces with biodiversity, to streets that are quieter and safer for walking and cycling, to affordable and accessible public transport, to fixing our inefficient building stock to eliminate…

… over 2,800 businesses Citizen Assembly members developed 13 recommendations organisations representing over 56,000 employees housing associations representing 63,000 homes 12 Lambeth’s Climate Action Plan | Introduction OUR 2030 VISION Lambeth will be a place where we can live, work, learn and enjoy life in our local areas, where we can travel safely and easily by foot, bike

… planting in the local community garden – an initiative started through his workplace that’s helped him to feel more of a part of the local neighbourhood. Grace unlocks the shared cargo bike that she booked from its storage locker on the street and buckles Alex into the front and they head off. The street that was once full of cars is now lined with trees, pocket gardens, outdoor community spaces…

…, and cycle parking. Breathing in the clean air, Grace remembers when she was growing up – the streets were too busy and her mum wouldn’t let her walk to school, despite it being less than a mile away. They seemed to always be stuck in stressful traffic. She stops outside her friend’s house, and they cycle the last part of the way together in a lane separated from the electric buses which…


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