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Manchester City Council

Direct link to action plan (PDF)

… and resource efficiency. Businesses, workers and visitors will come from around the world to experience our liveable, resilient, green city. • Healthy communities – Manchester’s residents will lead increasingly healthy lifestyles that are underpinned by access to high quality parks and green spaces, clean air, healthy local food, safe walking and cycling routes, energy efficient homes, affordable…

… of people who are out of work’. Making walking and cycling the travel modes of choice, improving air quality, providing access to high quality green spaces will all help to ‘collectively improve our health and wellbeing and be more active as adults and children’. There are many more examples, all of which demonstrate that an integrated approach to the next phase of the city’s development is key…

… literate, citizens live in warm homes with affordable energy bills. They have good jobs and services nearby, and most choose to move around on foot, bicycle and on the city’s affordable, integrated public transport system. The city is powered by 100% clean energy, a significant proportion of which is generated by local communities and organisations. Everyone has access to healthy air, food…

… Manchester and other cities resilient. Building the capacity of communities and individuals to be resilient to flooding and heat stress will help to prevent the physical and mental health impacts that can otherwise occur. Walking, cycling and public transport routes will need to stay open and usable even rainfall and temperature levels rise. Well-insulated and naturally ventilated…


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