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East Lindsey District Council

Direct link to action plan (PDF)

… for organisations, from which we can learn. Flexible working practices, such as working from home where possible, offer a solution to mitigating the carbon emissions associated with commuting. • Utilising less carbon intensive modes of travelling, such as public transport, cycling or using low- emission private vehicles, is another potential solution. These solutions can save the Council and/or its employees…

… grants, fleet replacement cycles, expected mileage, pace of market and technology advancements and battery life. A full detailed feasibility assessment should be conducted to ascertain more accurate costs and savings before moving forward with these measures. Fleet electrification carbon reduction opportunities (6) Section 3: Carbon reduction opportunities Fleet electrification • Replacement…

… or other zero carbon fuelled HGVs during the next vehicle replacement cycle, rather than immediately. The council is open to other forms of low or zero carbon transport that may be more appropriate given the region’s geography and technically feasible in the timescales suggested, such as hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, or biofuels. ​A full detailed feasibility assessment should be conducted to ascertain…


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