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Wokingham Borough Council

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… amongst young people by engaging with schools to work with children to encourage the adoption of new ‘climate-friendly’ behaviours that will influence their families and communities. To achieve a holistic approach to net zero carbon, this programme will be supported by a raft of clean energy generation and saving technologies such as retrofitting school buildings, better cycle routes to schools…

… except to buses. • Bike storage and car clubs to be installed around the council buildings • Cross Berkshire Cycle Route • Improve air quality in areas of concern. • Introduce intelligent transport systems – traffic lights and digital signage linked to the emissions levels • Rotation of the road signage (digital signage) to increase awareness of emissions levels • Assess the effectiveness…

… to engage and create strong partnerships with residents, businesses, charities, Town and Parish Councils as well as with schools and young people. Working with other local authorities across Berkshire the council has been able to deliver projects such as the Cross-Berkshire Cycle Route, which is being delivered by four local authorities across the county. The council will also engage closely…

… of the settlements are remote and not easily accessible through public transport. This means private transport is heavily relied upon. • There are high levels of car ownership (around 53.2% of households have 2 cars or more).10 • Many people feel unsafe, or do not feel confident to take up cycling, in the borough. The high speed limits and widths available on the country lanes in particular make cycling

… of strategies such as, the Local Transport Plan 4 there are new opportunities to support the transition to Electric Vehicles (EV), as well as to enable mode shift to public transport, walking and cycling. Where new development takes place there are opportunities to construct sustainable transport infrastructure from the outset. • As the LPU is in the process of being developed there is an opportunity…


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