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London Borough of Hillingdon

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… be phased to facilitate new travel behaviours at development locations and in advance of new station services. Recommendation T3.3: Any West London cycling network, and other measures intended to promote active travel, should have a particular focus on facilitating shorter and more local cycling routes. There is a need to look at sub-regional priorities as well as London-wide and strategic radial…

… the different infrastructure types, with considerations on the nature of demand and emerging sector understanding. This is summarised below. • Transport schemes will need to be reviewed in light of Covid-19 and broader changes in users’ behaviours. Specific points should be particularly considered: o Modal changes and impact on the public realm, with walking and cycling increasing there is a role…

… and temporary cycle route provisions. A lack of access is detrimental to wellbeing and can compound socio-economic disparities. • The indicative scale of employment growth to 2040 in West London provides a strong driver for the provision of appealing active mode access between residential and employment areas. Green infrastructure has a role in reducing congestion and overcrowding on transport routes…

… demand. An early joint working effort could focus on reviewing current signage for cycling. Recommendation T3.2: The WLA and West London authorities should consider developing a phased delivery and cost plan for the cycling routes identified in this SIDP in conjunction with TfL. This should coordinate the latest understanding of development site and station timelines. The delivery should…

… ones. This includes routes for schools and higher education, local jobs, retail and leisure, and green space access. There is scope for pan-West London coordination, working with TfL, developers and businesses, to develop a local centre hub and spoke element of the network. This should identify and direct resources to such local needs, which can serve a wider population of potential cycle route


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