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Darlington Borough Council

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…, interim legislation will be introduced which will require all new homes to produce 31% fewer emissions. We can show leadership in this area when we build new council houses. We continue to work with vulnerable residents through the Warm Homes Fund and our partners, CAB, to provide energy advice. Any new measures we install must be maintained at the recommended schedules to ensure they deliver…

buildings, to reduce the need for fossil fuels and we will continue to make improvements to our council housing to help our tenants lower their bills and enjoy their homes. An energy efficiency programme will be developed and rolled out across our estate with low cost technologies such as LED lighting across the corporate estate, including external lighting to parks, as well as included in new…

… costing during the building design process. Capital Projects Whole life costing produced Minimal knowledge, needs feasibility March 2024 No Economy E65 Investigate the implementation of a set carbon intensity parameters for construction of new council buildings (e.g. KgCO2e/m2) Capital Projects Provides reliable data to measure and set targets against Minimal…

… different characteristics and need. Corporate Landlord Reduced consumption Minimal knowledge, needs feasibility No Resources Head of Steam E72 Major refurbishment scheme to be undertaken Capital Projects Improved building efficiency Already achievable/confirmed can proceed Yes Local Services Housing E73 Improve heat efficiency of existing Council houses, looking…

… to offset our emissions. We will make every effort to reduce this gap, but there will inevitably be some residual emissions that we will not be able to remove completely. The plan below includes an action to develop our offsetting strategy. The Climate Change Strategy and this Plan build on achievements already realised by our teams, including upgrades to streetlights and lighting in council


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