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Fife Council

Direct link to action plan (PDF)

….  Fife Council is a large energy and fuel consumer and Council procurement could be a considerable force for good in terms of developing the low carbon economy within Fife if environmental considerations drive purchasing decisions.  The Council operates a large property and land portfolio within Fife which comprises thousands of properties from leisure centres, offices, commercial and industrial…

…/adaptation_decision_making_at_the_local_level_- _a_role_for_national_level_indicators.pdf 15 16 Co-benefits Achieving local objectives Whilst decarbonisation and building resilience are key drivers within Climate Fife it won’t just be the environment that benefits. Implementing Climate Fife will make it easier for Fife Council

… Microsoft Word - Climate Fife FINAL 1 Fife Resource Solutions 6th February 2020 Climate Fife: Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (2020-2030) One of Fife Council’s 2 hydrogen hybrid RCVs top left. Image courtesy of Bright Green Hydrogen, 2 Prepared by Fife Resource Solutions…

… on behalf of Fife Council Authors Catherine Payne, Hayley Williamson, Hugh Muschamp and Janet Mackenzie. Reviewers Keith Winter, Ken Gourlay, Ross Spalding, Robin Baird Document status Final - approved by Committee for public release Date of issue 06/02/20 In the view of Fife Council (please tick appropriate box): The policy, plan or strategy (PPS) falls under the scope of Section 5(3…

…) of the Act and requires a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) under the Environmental Assessment (Scotland) Act 2005 or The PPS falls under the scope of Section 5(4) of the Act and requires an SEA under the Environmental Assessment (Scotland) Act 2005 or The PPS does not require an SEA under the Environmental Assessment (Scotland) Act 2005. However, Fife Council wish to carry out an SEA…


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