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South Cambridgeshire District Council

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… of the measures described and the funding implications. Completed. 2.1 A2 We will develop a four year programme of work on our Council homes to tackle the areas of highest priority. B4) Improve the energy efficiency of existing Council housing to reduce carbon impact and running costs 31-Mar-21 We have joined a major research study (the largest in the UK) into decarbonisation of homes, NetZero…

… been added to the Formal Estates Inspection process and this is identifying opportunities for new trees amd wildflower strips. Our repairs contractor has confirmed continued support of this work. 3.6 2 A1 We will determine what steps are needed to bring down emissions to zero by 2050 in our Council Housing B4) Improve the energy efficiency of existing Council housing to reduce carbon…

… impact and running costs 30-Jun-20 An audit showing the energy improvement measures required to meet the standard of zero carbon operational emissions in the Council's housing stock has been undertaken and a report received. The report shows the estimated capital costs of improvement, the estimated fuel cost savings accruing to resients the estimated reduction in CO2 emissions…

… work is currently underway to develop preferred options for climate change policies which will be subject to public consultation in autumn 2021. 2.20 A4 We will work towards taking the same approach to reducing energy use and carbon emissions on Ermine Street properties as we do on our Council homes. ongoing Ermine Street Housing is in its final phase of acquisition and continues…

… and encouraging home energy work, including exploring options for funding and delivering energy efficiency projects for our residents. ongoing Together with Cambridge City Council, we explored the possibility of entering a bid for the 1st phase of the government's Green Homes Grant Local Authority Delivery scheme but were unable to do so, due to various factors including that nearly all the Council's


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