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London Borough of Newham

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operated buildings, as well as all street lighting in the borough and communal lighting across all Council owned housing estates. Positioning Newham as one of London’s leading borough’s with the most extensive air quality monitoring networks to track progress on air quality improvements, alongside being part of the Idling Action London campaign aimed at stopping motorists from needlessly…

buildings by the end of the financial year 2024- 25. This equates to a reduction of 13,504 tonnes of CO2, and a decrease of approximately 73 per cent since 2014-15. Part of this approach includes moving to 100 per cent renewable electricity for Council operated buildings, including corporate offices, libraries and community centres, streetlight and communal lighting in council owned blocks. Based…

… construction jobs. Our approach spans our newly built homes, improving our existing council homes and helping those in the private sector to meet green energy standards. From starting to build 1,000 social-rent homes during the Mayor’s first term to retro-fitting our existing council homes to address fuel poverty, we are making significant progress through innovative approaches. We seek to build

…, introducing an emissions based parking scheme, to decarbonising all our Council buildings switching all our street lights to 100 percent renewable electricity, planting more trees, and transitioning our vehicle fleet to fully electric, we are making progress. Our approach to climate emergency is becoming ever more visible in Newham, and its impact will be felt for generations to come. As we…

… the Council’s Pensions Fund, with another £200m of assets moved to more socially responsible funds, meaning that by over 99.5 per cent of the Fund will be decarbonised 4. BUILDINGS Decarbonising our Council buildings following the successfully bid for a £2.7m grant through the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme 5. LIGHTING Switching to 100 per cent renewable electricity for all Council


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