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North Somerset Council

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

… can influence or ask for help and support locally Areas we can influence through policy activity Areas we can influence through our contracts or through funding/support Areas we directly control North Somerset Council’s matrix of influence North Somerset Council only has direct control over a small proportion of the total carbon emissions of the area. Analysis is ongoing…

… to confirm this proportion but it is believed to be less than 2%. Reducing these emissions will form our work around becoming a net zero carbon council. For our other key principles, the council will take a leadership role. Part of this role will be considering our matrix of influence to identify actions that we can help to enable, support and influence both locally and nationally. The council

… measures our progress on a quarterly basis. Examples Key principle Scope Actions Success measures Method Become a net zero carbon council Scope one and two 100% council electricity supplied by renewables • 0% electricity from non-renewable sources Reduction Replenish our carbon stores Scope one, two, three Identify opportunities for nature recovery networks…

… • Plant x trees by 2025 • Reduce amenity grass by x% by 2025 Storage Also included in the Data Dashboard is an overview of North Somerset’s carbon emissions, both by tonnage and per capita. As we progress against our Action Plan we will measure the progress towards our aim of becoming a carbon neutral council and a carbon neutral area by 2030. - 2.0 4.0 6.0 8.0 - 500.0 1,000.0 1,500.0…

… of climate change 3 oC We are currently on track for 3o of warming – the tipping point 4 oC Unchecked emissions growth could lead to severe and widespread climate change by 2100 Become a net zero carbon council An energy efficient built environment Renewable energy generation Repair, reuse, reduce and recycle Replenish our carbon stores Reduce emissions from transport Adapting…


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