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London Borough of Croydon

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… which is similar to the UK average, in contrast to the transport patterns in inner London where a high proportion of the population use public transport. This action plan focuses strongly on encouraging people to cycle, walk, join car clubs and invest in electric vehicles. Targeted action will be on the development of workplace travel plans and school travel plans. The actions are aligned…

… in the borough. The other key area for behavioural change communications to be focused upon is a modal shift in transport use. Considerable promotional activity has taken place to incentivise cycling through cycling road safety workshops. A modal shift in transport use has also been marketed through the council’s work with school travel plans and the W.O.W (Walk Once a Week) campaign. Over recent years…

…) This will be achieved through the following policies to: • encourage a modal shift towards more sustainable modes of transport, discouraging private car use • ensure public transport systems are operated effciently, improving driving techniques and raising awareness of fuel effcient driving styles • promote the use of low carbon vehicles, technology and fuel These key policies are already being delivered…

… 3. About Croydon 4. The challenge of long term climate change in Croydon 5. Governance 14 5.1. Where we are now: The Environment and Climate Change Partnership (ECCP) 14 5.1.1. The structure of the Environment and Climate Change Partnership: 15 5.2. Key long-term objectives 16 6. Behavioural Change 17 6.1. What are our aims? 18 6.2. Where we are now 19 6.3. Actions 20 7. Transport

…) is one of the theme partnerships within the Local Strategic Partnership (LSP). The ECCP is comprised of environmental stakeholders including Transport for London, the Energy Saving Trust, local businesses, schools and representatives from the faith and voluntary sector. The ECCP works to deliver the key environmental priorities for Croydon and is responsible for the delivery of this action plan…


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