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Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council

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public transport. Resource Efficiency Natural capital is nature’s ability to renew and provide resources. These resources include water, land, minerals and timber and are not finite. Human activities are consuming these inefficiently, producing more waste leading to increasing carbon emissions. This means that there is a need to find new sustainable methods of production to address wasteful…

…. Barnsley’s Transport Strategy aims to reduce the need to travel, encourage active travel and decarbonising travel. This includes a range of measures in the Active Travel Action Plan. Other initiatives include working with large employers to set travel targets, promoting green fleet health checks, creation of a Town Car Club; supporting and engaging with local bus service providers on decarbonising public

… are from three broad areas: • residential housing • commercial/industrial activities • transport In 2017, the Barnsley emitted 1,310,880 tonnes of carbon in what is termed scope 1 and scope 2 emissions combined. Scope 1 relates to the direct burning of fossil fuels, and scope 2 refers to the indirect burning of fossil fuels such as through the use of traditionally-generated electricity…

…. Emissions arise from the borough’s commercial, residential, institutional and industrial buildings; from agriculture activities generating food; from transportation via rail, road; and through the use and treatment of water and wastes. 25 September 2020 4 3. Where we want to be in the borough: Zero 45…

… be the identification of investable renewable projects to power Barnsley’s homes, public and commercial buildings. 25 September 2020 14 We want to provide guidance for community groups and householders; and assessing opportunities for a number of specific renewables projects such as biodiesel, solar PV and micro hydro. Sustainable Transport Transport emissions in Barnsley still accounted for 26…


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