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Warwick District Council

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Transport In 2017, nearly a third of Warwick’s total CO2 emissions (32.9%) came from transport and mostly road transport from cars, vans, lorries and buses. Action is needed to reduce car journeys, increase cycling and walking, and improve public transport and more low emission vehicles. Such action will achieve better air quality, mobility and health for citizens. Actions could…

… with WCC to provide suitable re- charging points  Promote modal transport shifts from the use of cars to cycling, walking and public transport through increase of safe routes and encouraging work-based changing facilities where locations permit  Engage local employers and encourage the introduction and investment in Green Travel Plans promoting low emission commuting schemes, best practice…

… shift in transport to include electric vehicles, sustainable public transport, cycling and walking. Item 6 / Page 32 WDC Climate Emergency Action Programme ~ Executive Summary FINAL ~ 31.1.2020 Item 6 / Page 33 …

… amplify inequality and disproportionately affect the most vulnerable. Leadership will be crucial to success. 14. In order to meet the declared climate emergency targets, it will be important to implement energy, buildings and transport technical solutions whilst actively addressing the need for behavioural change within the District’s business, institutional and residential communities…

…  Reduce energy losses by retro-fit technologies and use of more energy efficient building fabric  Examine installation of low emission heating for key public buildings e.g. heat pumps; heat network  Convert rural pathways lighting columns and other public spaces to LED e.g. car parks  Identify suitable locations for solar photovoltaic (PV) panels on council owned buildings Transport


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