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Adur District Council

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… an overall balance between the emissions produced and emissions removed from the atmosphere. To achieve net zero, organisations typically reduce carbon emissions by around 90% and then offset the remaining 10%, known as the 'residual emissions'. That means harmful emissions from homes, transport, farming and industry will have to be stopped or - in areas where it's difficult to stop completely - balanced…

… When travelling Walk, cycle or use public transport where possible. Emissions from cars and air travel are bad for the planet and our health: Aim to walk to places you can reach on foot within 15 minutes: and leave the car at home. It's a great way to incorporate steps into daily life. Check out these tips…

… it.” But Shoreham FC have not stopped there and Stuart added: “We are also looking at the areas where we can't directly affect such as fans traveling to our home matches and for people who travel to the ground via bicycle or EV and again can prove their mode of transport then the club will donate a percentage of their match-day ticket money to off-set their carbon footprint to a climate crisis solutions…

… the Councils' pool cars, I understood how easy the process was for using the Enterprise Car Club and decided a year ago, it was easier and more economical to rent a car when I needed it than have the full time running costs. “I've not really missed having a car, as our transport connectivity is getting better all the time in Worthing. For example, we have Donkey Bikes and the bus services. “I'm pleased…


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